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Expoworld is a team of professionals with a vast experience in the Exhibition Industry dedicated completely to organize jewellery exhibitions particularly in South India.

Their flagship brand is “Jewels of India” which is India’s Leading Jewellery Retail Exhibition being organised in Bangalore since 1999. The show attracts more than one lakh visitors and over 125 top jewellers from across India participate under a single roof. This show is supported by The Jewellers Association, Bangalore.

Expoworld were the first ones to have the concept of a celebrity Brand Ambassador to endorse an Jewellery Exhibition. Some of the famous actresses who have been the Brand Ambassador for “Jewels of India” over the years have been Ms. Deepika Padukone, Ms. Jayaprada, Ms. Bhagyasree, Ms. Shobana, Ms. Lakshmi Gopalaswamy, Ms. Priyanka Upendra, Ms. Sumalatha Ambareesh and Ms. Suman Ranganath.


The second Exhibition entitled “Jewels Exotica” was created in the year 2012 when there was a demand for a show catering to the High Networth clientele exclusively. “Jewels Exotica” was created keeping in mind the crème-la-de-crème of Bangalore. The whole feel and touch of the show is different. It has been positioned as an exclusive jewellery show unlike “Jewels of India” which is a mass show.

Expoworld also takes pride in organizing the first ever B2B (Business to Business) Jewellery Exhibition in association with the Madras Jewellers and Diamond Merchants Association (MJDMA) in Chennai entitled “Gem and Jewellery India International Exhibition” (GJIIE) from 2005 to 2008.

Mr. Sandeep Bekal who is the CEO of Expoworld is an MBA from IMT Ghaziabad. Mr. Jagadeesh is the Director Marketing who has dedicated his entire career in the Exhibition Industry.

Expoworld’s main strength is detailing and innovations.  Through innovative ideas they have always been one step ahead in the Jewellery Exhibition Industry

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