• Jewels of India 2016

    St.Joseph's Indian School Ground, Bangalore Oct 21st - 24th, 2016

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About the Event

Convenors’ Message

 A warm welcome to the 18th Edition of India’s Leading Jewellery Retail Exhibition “ Jewels of India”, Bangalore scheduled to be held from October 21st to 24th, 2016 at St.Joseph's Indian High School, Bangalore.

Jewels of India, Bangalore is now a bench mark for jewellery b to C Exhibition in India. The reason for our success are many. We are known for our innovations and new ideas which keep the show’s freshness alive in the eyes of the consumers. Our Advertising Campaign is always the “Talk of the Town” starting one month prior to the show as we choose a popular celebrity as the Brand Ambassador who campaigns for the show. The Bangalore Media just loves to cover Jewels of India, the proof of which is the Press Conference which is always houseful. High Worth customers, numbering approx...40,000 nos. to whom we send exclusive invitations. Our invitations are high demand too. With experience, we have learnt the art of organizing Jewellery show well, going into the minutest detailing, so that the jewellers participate comfortably without any hassles and worries.

If you have not participated in Jewels of India, Bangalore then you have really missed something! Go ahead participate now in India’s Best Jewellery Retail Exhibition, “Jewels of India” Bangalore and reap the rewards of extra ordinary sales and winning over new customers.

Our Clinets

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